Zathinoe / Normandie Pays d'Auge

Apple Cider IGP Normandie SPECS
Apple Cider AOP Pays d'Auge

In a sleepy little corner of Normandy’s AOP Pays d’Auge, Yvon Berl and cellar master Didier Richen continue a legacy of traditional cider making that has occurred on the property since the 17th century. Surrounded by 7 hectares (17 acres) of orchards, accounting for 10 heirloom apple varietals, this charming domaine made up of classic Norman cottages can’t help but feel preserved in time. Yvon keeps the property fastidiously, an ethic that extends to their organic farming practices—a conscious choice to maximize the quality of their fruit and terroir. Yvon and Didier harvest in the old-school style, by hand and from nets that catch the fruits at the perfect moment of ripeness before they fall to the ground. Fermenting naturally à l’ancienne, they bottle two memorable and distinct ciders made in the spirit of Champagne Krug’s elegance and joyful accessibility. They bare the name “Zathinoé,” the portmanteau of his children’s names: Zaccharie, Thimote and Noémie.