Sebastien Blachon / Saint-Joseph

Saint-Joseph Rouge "Première"

"Nom de Bleu" Vin de France Syrah

Despite making his first cuvée in 2009, self-taught winemaker Sebastien Blachon's admits that he "always wanted to make wine". His passion was first nurtured by way of marriage, when his father-in-law rented him his first vines in Saint-Joseph for the 2009 vintage. It took Sebastien 4 years, and numerous projects with friends, neighbors, and fellow winemakers before he decided to take the steps to commercialize his wines in 2013.

Sebastien now farms 5 terraced hectares of Syrah situated in the heart of the prized terroirs of the Saint-Joseph AOC. He is rigorous in his farming, and careful in his winemaking, absolutely preferring quality over yields. As a result, he often produces less than 10,000 bottles each year.

His recent purchase of a traditional bâtisse to use as home and cellar has inspired and allowed Sebastien and his wife to carry on the ancient traditions of the region's winemakers in a richly historic site and setting. Ignoring many of the trends found in modern winemaking, Sebastien strives to stay faithful to himself and his mission to produce wines of authenticity, finesse, and respect for his unique terroir.

However, this foundation of tradition doesn't mean in the slightest way that Sebastien isn't open to innovation, and he sees his growth and education as constantly on-going -- a fact reflected by his personal life. Sebastien is driven, open-minded, and enjoys challenging himself both mentally and physically. He often balances the development of his winemaking craft, with frequent, dedicated preparation for a range of high-elevation ultra-marathon runs and long-distance races, clearly demonstrating his drive to go the extra mile…!