While great wine should be representative of its terroir, it should also be just as much about pleasure. After all, a bottle of wine doesn’t belong in a museum; it’s meant to be enjoyed! That is why, when sourcing wines, a love of food is at the heart of our ethos. Having grown up with families around the table, wine has always been an integral part of mealtime for us. As a consumable good, wine should therefore not only taste delicious, but it should also offer good value. To make our selections, we travel to France several times a year to seek out and taste with only the finest vintners who share our standards in what makes a great wine—an essential component to how we work that’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Setting our standards high, we look for wines that are fresh, aromatic and balanced, and true to both their varietal character and their terroir. Buoyant, honest, pretty and deeply satisfying, our wines stand apart for their wonderful drinkability, fantastic value, consistency and incredible quality.

Knowing that there can sometimes be a disconnect between how a wine tastes in France and how it tastes once it reaches the States, we are meticulously vigilant about the handling and temperature control of our wines - from the winery to our warehouse, and then to the restaurants, wine bars and boutiques, and retailers in the Aliane Wines family.


Our portfolio represents a group of some of France’s most unique and independent vintners hailing from the country’s finest appellations. Both visionaries and traditionalists, they embody a new wave of progressive winemaking in France that integrates innovation into the tried-and-true, old-school practices—a fusion of Old World and New World ideologies that respects both le goût de terroir as well as varietal integrity. As many of these freethinking vignerons studied abroad, they now thrive when thinking outside of the box, and very few among them subscribe entirely to one set way of farming or winemaking.

This said, all of our producers are strong proponents of quality, and they absolutely hold certain tenets to be true. As thoughtful stewards of their terroirs, all farm sustainably (sometimes organically or biodynamically), often employing the lunar calendar, cover crops, plowing, strict pruning and canopy management to achieve a superior quality of fruit that is most representative of the vintage. Most of vineyard work is done by hand. In the cellar, their use of modern equipment and non-interventionist winemaking techniques produces wines that are at the same time classic and modern, bright and fresh, balanced and finessed, and deeply aromatic.


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