In the shadow of the snowcapped Pyrenees Mountains, Roussillon stands proudly as one of France’s most inspiring yet least visited wine regions. This former principality of Catalonia has had a dark history, marked by old Cathar fortresses and ruins that dominate the foothills. Its wild, windswept landscape of aromatic scrub brush, schist-laden vineyards and dramatic rock formations only add to its air of mystery. And this mystery undoubtedly permeates the soil to create penetrating, earthy reds and luscious, cornucopian whites. In this neck of the woods, grapes like Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Syrah, Muscat, Vermentino and Maccabeu take on a whole new identity than in other parts of France. Bold, robust and unabashedly stony, the reds offer mouth-filling fruit, balancing immediate accessibility with great aging potential. The whites, both dry and sweet, resound with textural opulence and surprising freshness. If you have not yet uncovered the secrets of this profoundly beautiful wine region, now is the time.