Just 50 miles due east of Burgundy hugging France’s border with Switzerland, the Jura Mountains are home to some of France’s most unique wines. Picturesque mountain villages, snowy peaks and idyllic meadows make the Jura a must-see destination, while its fabulous limestone and marl soils and vibrant winegrowing community qualify it as one of France’s most up-and-coming wine regions. By the early 20th century, the Jura’s vineyards were almost entirely decimated; today, an emerging number of growers seek to revitalize the region and its 40 distinct grape varietals, including the white Savagnin Blanc, Poulsard, and Chardonnay and the red Trousseau and Pinot Noir. While the region is no larger than Napa’s Yountville district, there is no doubt that the Jura is once again on the rise. First recognized for its oxidized, sherry-like vin jaune, the Jura also boasts some elegant, finesse and balanced, dry mountain whites and structured, mineral-laden sparkling crémants that are finally getting the international attention they deserve.