To sip on a great burgundy is to taste one of Mother Nature’s finest gifts. With its pedigreed clay and limestone terroirs, first recognized by the Romans and then mastered by medieval monks, Burgundy is the undisputed benchmark of refinement and class for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producers around the world. Stretching 187 miles from north to south, its undulating hills are swathed in celebrated vineyards and idyllic pastureland, and dotted with enchanting Romanesque villages. Despite the region’s steadfast adherence to long-established methods, the current generation of growers and winemakers are nevertheless pushing the envelope to incorporate new farming and winemaking techniques to make the region just as much about innovation as it is tradition. One of the best ways to travel Burgundy is by bottle, where the winemaker tells the unique story of each vineyard’s soil and microclimate. Look to Chablis for fine, mineral-driven Chardonnays, the Côte d’Or for layered Pinot Noirs and rich and stony Chardonnays, and the Mâconnais for fragrant aromatics and great values.