The rolling verdant hills, small rustic towns and cheery villagers of the Beaujolais paint the perfect picture of French country charm. Although nestled between the more high-profile regions of Burgundy and the Northern Rhône, everything about Beaujolais remains entirely straightforward and unpretentious; and the red Gamay grape from its granite soils its proudest achievement. Generally fermented by whole-cluster fermentation and/or carbonic maceration, the grape takes on a buoyancy and lightness that makes it an ideal pairing with almost anything you serve at the table. While the rise of big négociants in the 1980s gave birth to the ubiquitous and highly commercial Beaujolais Nouveau, today’s producers are increasingly committed to quality and authenticity, opening the market to more of its fine, distinctive aged crus. Aromatic, playful and with penetrating fruit, the wines of Beaujolais can turn even the snobbiest of wine lovers into a bon vivant! For added pleasure and pure refreshment, serve with a slight chill.